Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Best Solution in Water Filtration: A Whole House Water Filter

A whole house water filter, also called a “point of entry” water filter, filters all the water where it enters the home. It is usually installed in the basement or garage where the water main enters the home. It can be installed outdoors as long as freezing is never a threat.
A whole house filtration system for your water filters all the water flowing throughout the home to be filtered, including:

- The hot water tank or tankless hot water heaters
- Drinking water
- Cooking water
- Shower and bathing water
- Pets’ drinking water
- Your hose water (if connected to outside water line)
- The refrigerator, icemaker and coffee pots
- The washing machine

What are the 5 Main Benefits of a Whole House Filter?
#1 The Quality of Your Water for Drinking and Cooking

No longer do you need to be concerned about the quality of your water for consumption. A whole home system will remove sediment, chlorine and other major contaminants from your water. Each manufacturer and brand will remove different contaminants, so be sure to understand which are removed or reduced before purchasing. Of course, it’s best to review your municipal water report before deciding which filter to purchase. Also note that some municipalities use chloramines to disinfect the water. If this is the case in your area, you must be sure that the filter will remove chloramines.

# 2 Healthier Showers and Baths

Your showers and baths will be healthier because the chlorine has been removed or greatly reduced. Chlorine in shower or bath water can cause headaches, dizziness, reddened eyes, and is a known carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). When heated, chlorinated water releases harmful gases known as THMs, which can be very dangerous to your health. By filtering water before it enters your bathroom, you can be assured of healthier, chlorine-free water.

# 3 Extends the Life of Water-Using Appliances

The life of your water-using appliances such as hot water tanks, tankless hot water heaters, washing machines, coffee pots and dishwashers will be extended because the quality of the water entering the appliances does not contain sediment or chlorine or many other contaminants. This can save you thousands on appliance replacement costs.

#4 Your Hair and Skin Will Look and Feel Better

After installation of a whole house water filter, you will notice your hair is softer and less tangled. Your skin feels and looks better. Even your clothes will be brighter with less fading.

#5 Remove Harmful Contaminants from Your Water

Most whole home water filters will remove chlorine to over 99% effectiveness, as well as filter heavy metals like lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals, while preserving healthy minerals like Calcium.

Protect Your Family

By installing a whole home system in your home, you take an important step to protect your family’s health. The municipalities simply cannot keep up with the high cost of delivering pristine water. And even if they could, there would be no guarantee that the water would not pick up contamination throughout the water delivery system. Pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals are all possibilities. For just pennies a day, you can provide your family healthier, better-tasting, odor-free water.

If you have a municipal water supply, there are three main choices of whole house water filters from PuriTeam:
PurHome X-5: Ideal for homes up to 2.5 baths and roughly 2,500 square feet.
PurHome X-51: Ideal for homes up to 3.5 baths and roughly 4,000 square feet.
PurHome X-1000: Ideal for larger homes up to 5 bathrooms and roughly 5,000 square feet. For larger homes, two systems can be plumbed in parallel.

Total Water Filtration System (TWFS): Choose the size appropriate for your home. The TWFS-9C is ideal for homes up to 2 1/2 baths with 2 to 4 people, TWFS-10C is for 3 to 4 bathrooms with 3 to 5 people, and the TWFS-12 is for 4 to 5 baths and up to 6 people. Larger homes or larger families with more than 5 bathrooms and a need for 18gpm or higher may need to plumb two TWFS-9 in parallel.

Still Not Sure? Let Us Help You Choose!

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