Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Do YOU Need A Whole House Water Filter?

Do YOU Need a Whole House Water Filter?

Sometimes people look at me funny when I say I sell whole house water filters for a living. Really? A “whole-house” filter, why do I need that? When I go on to explain that a whole house solution is an ideal for homeowners that are concerned about the chlorine, heavy metals, and more in their showers and drinking water they have a little “A-ha” moment.

Shower in clean fresh water

A whole house water filter will filter all the water in your home, including showers, baths, faucets, and your appliances.

A whole house water filter will provide you protection from chlorinated water, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and much more in your water. No one likes to think that their water can have all these undesirable things in it, yet it very often does. Chlorinated water (especially in showers) is dangerous because it is a known carcinogen (cancer-causing agent).

Don’t get me wrong, our water has to be chlorinated, otherwise it would have many more problems (think cholera here), but the chlorine should be removed at the point of use prior to use and consumption in order to avoid the negative effects of ingestion and breathing it in.

The cost for it is really pretty low when you consider what you are getting in return. Besides, you’ll no longer need to buy bottled water, which will save money (not to mention the environment). Maintenance is pretty easy, too. Not all whole house water filters are created equally, however.

Do your research to make sure the one you select will take care of YOUR water problems. There are many good options out there! If you want a recommendation from my company, feel free to fill out our house water filter recommendation form (choose whether you have city water or well water).

Maria Williams is the owner and President of (formerly She has a whole house filter system in her home and her hair and skin has never been better.