Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Copepods in New York City Tapwater

New York City is known for its excellent tap water, but why does it taste so good? It might be the microscopic shrimp called copepods. Copepods are added to water to eat mosquito larvae, keeping water sources clear.

Customers sometimes don’t believe us when we tell them their precious New York City tap water contains the tiny crustaceans! They can’t understand why their water filters clog prematurely. We usually recommend a 5 micron filter vs. our typical 1 micron filter for their countertop water filter or under sink water filter if they are concerned about the filters getting clogged too quickly. Of course, this means some of those sneaky copepods might be getting through.

Get a countertop water filter or an under sink water filter to filter copepods in New York City tap water

Copepods are not a health concern. Although you might be a little grossed out by thought of drinking the microscopic organisms, they are not harmful. But if you are concerned about keeping kosher, then you should get a reliable water filter from PuriTeam.