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Whole house water filter company, PuriTeam, launches customer decision tool – the Water Filter Wizard

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Whole house water filter company, PuriTeam, launches customer decision tool – the Water Filter Wizard

Kennett Square, PA, February 22, 2012 – has just simplified the process of buying a whole house water filter. Consumers now have a time-saving, one-stop shopping tool for finding the best whole house water filter solution. The tool is a user interface that presents consumers with a sequence of dialog boxes which leads them through a series of well-defined steps. These steps act as a guide for the user to efficiently determine what type of water filter system will best serve their needs.

PuriTeam developed the Water Filter Wizard to help alleviate the overwhelming decision-making process for finding the right home water filtration system. For those with city water the Wizard will recommend the best whole house water filter based upon the specific user information provided. The Wizard provides the user with a custom report and product recommendation by analyzing the information provided, such as home size and the specific water contaminants.


The PuriTeam Water Filter Wizard removes the guesswork. It makes the decision-making process fast and easy. On top of that, it is a free service. By just answering some simple questions, the Wizard practically takes you by the hand and guides you through the process.


“We built this tool to help customers quickly and easily find the best whole house water filtration system for their specific situation,” says Maria Williams, President of PuriTeam. “It can be overwhelming looking for the right water filter, but it should really be a quick and simple process. We’ve done our best to make it easy for our customers”.


About PuriTeam

PuriTeam is a leading provider of advanced and effective technologies in air purification and whole house water filtration for commercial and residential use worldwide. is owned by The Water Team Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation.


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