Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Whole House Water Filtration Systems for City and Well Sources

You’ve surely heard the many recent reports on how most tap and well water can be considered unsafe due to heavy pollutants. Effective whole house water filtration systems can help you ensure the safety and quality of your drinking water

Whole house water filter - sample setup

Whole House Water Filter PurHome X-5 Shown Above

Whole house water filtration is the best option for the purest and safest drinking water. You may already be taking steps to monitor most of the substances your family takes in. There are many natural and organic brands of food and drink that people trust to provide uncontaminated nutrition. Water is equally important for survival and well being. In survival situations the body needs more water more often as compared to food.

So what’s in the water you drink on a daily basis? At this point in time many experts agree that almost every source of water contains toxic bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals because of industrial and environmental pollution. Here are some valid health concerns that will help you be proactive in making sure your water is truly nourishing and not damaging your body.

Especially of concern are the suspicions of cancer causing properties found in water. Even when it comes to municipal drinking water, there are regulations to help keep cancer causing chemicals at supposedly “safe” levels. With all of the debate and controversy surrounding what, if any, safe levels of these chemicals water should contain, a sure bet to filter these out of your family’s water is to use a whole house water treatment.

A home water filter can be installed to eliminate these and even other purposely added chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine. Several studies and citizen groups have been sounding the alarm on these possible cancer inducing substances approved by regulations for years.

The fact is most municipalities cannot afford the costly technology needed to filter out these harmful chemicals so a whole house water filtration system is essential. Adding to this is the fact that there are facilities that do not dispose of their chemicals properly. One example is the chemical trichloroethylene, used by dry cleaners, and sometimes found in water supplies.

Bottling companies may fare no better as many of them collect their water from the same sources as municipalities. There is also the possibility of harmful plastics chemicals leaching from the bottle, especially after the bottle of water has been left in high temperature areas.

Well sources of water also require home water filtration. All water can contain natural radioactive agents like radon, uranium, and radium as they naturally seep into the supply. High levels of these elements can cause brain and bone cancer.

The water supply in rural areas can also be contaminated by other potential cancer causing chemicals that can come from fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides. An herbicide used on crops known as atrazine has been suspected of causing breast cancer. An effective house water filtration set-up can filter out these carcinogen and nitrates, which break down into nitrosamines in the body and become potential cancer causing agents.

If you’re ready to take the step and improve the quality of your water through a whole house water filtration system, visit for all of your safe water options.