Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Take A Healthy Shower Without Chlorine

Did you know that chlorine is most harmful to you while showering? If you answered no, you’re like most people. Most people don’t realize that chlorine is most harmful to us in the shower.

When chlorine is heated up it releases a harmful vapor called Chloroform. Breathing in this vapor causes fatigue, headaches, and even skin irritation or burning eyes for those who are sensitive.

Chlorine-free showers will make your hair and skin feel much better.


Filtering chlorine in your shower will also lead to other great benefits such as softer hair, better looking and feeling skin, and relief from a dry scalp. You will also notice shower clean-up is easier as minerals don’t build up as readily. You can have a healthy shower by simply filtering out the chlorine for less than $100. Select a shower water filter with KDF to ensure a long-life filter.

Taking a healthy shower will help you to feel more energized for the day ahead and provide invaluable long-term health benefits. Happy Showering!