Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Daunting Task of City Water Treatment Plants

Even though we have important government regulations in place and amazing advancements in water treatment technology, we still face the issue of contaminated water issuing forth from home taps. Municipal water treatment plants face the monumental task of taking heavily contaminated water and converting it to clean, healthy water for their residents. We can take extra precautions with our water supply by installing home water filtration systems that use replacement whole house water filters.

Municipal water treatment involves removing disease bearing pathogens, pesticide chemicals, and industrial sludge, to name just a few modern water contaminants. The main focus is on disinfection and disease control. City officials have to use the most modern technology to provide the best quality of water for their residents. This requires expensive upgrades to existing, outdated systems and raises tax dollars.

As a consequence of their methods, residents receive heavily chlorinated water that is often fluoridated as well. A side effect is that chlorine has been linked to causing asthma and other respiratory problems. The problem with fluoridation is that some foods also contain fluorides such as dehydrated cereals, pastas, and cracker products. This happens when the fluoridated water used by these food processing plants is evaporated from the food and leaves fluoride behind. This results in the intake of excessive amounts of fluoride which can cause yellowed teeth, dental problems and serious health concerns for children who consume too much fluoride.

Providing pure, chemical-free water is beyond the capabilities of city water treatment plants. On top of that, as water travels through plumbing systems it can pick up lead and other harmful chemicals. To successfully remove chlorine byproducts, tiny organic materials, and unwanted chemicals the best solution is having home water filtration systems that use replacement water filters installed in individual homes.

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