Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Could Nitrates in Your Water Harm You?

Nitrates that have been found in well water can be linked to some forms of cancer. Nitrates are chemicals that are a sub-product of nitrogen crop fertilizers. They accumulate in groundwater and can remain there for decades. Some precautions can be taken against ingesting these potentially harmful chemicals. One example is to use an under sink water filter with a special nitrates cartridge to screen out these substances from the water you drink.

There have been several studies that prove the ingestion of nitrates can do damage to the human body. In infants, nitrates have been shown to lower oxygen levels in the blood, leading to the possibly lethal blue baby syndrome. Other studies have shown how nitrate contaminated water can cause cancer in test animals.

Recently, there has been a report by the National Cancer Institute in which it is stated that nitrates can be directly linked to thyroid cancer in humans. About 60% percent of the country’s population obtains their water from water wells. This means that chemical fertilizers and their by-products such as nitrates can be affecting both rural and urban populations.

While nitrates can also enter our water supplies through polluted rain, the largest problem areas continue to be in irrigated agriculture. At present, there are no regulations as to how much chemical fertilizers farmers can use on their crops. Sometimes only about half of the applied nitrogen is absorbed by the crops, leaving the rest to wash away into rivers, lakes, and oceans, and some to seep into drinking water.

In view of cases such as these, where the possibility of drinking water sources can become contaminated by cancer causing carcinogens, it is prudent to use counter top water filters or an under sink water filter. has an available that can filter out harmful substances from your family’s drinking water and bring a little more peace of mind when it comes to your health and the quality and safety of your water.