Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Common Water Problems

Issue Possible Problem with Water Solution

Water Test Indicates Bacteria in Water

Coliform bacteria UV light
Water Test Indicates Nitrates in Water

Nitrates from agricultural runoff and many other sources Reverse Osmosis
Rotten Egg Odor

Hydrogen Sulfide Aeration or PurHome FTP
Blue-Green Stains on Toilets and Plumbing Fixtures or Pinhole Leaks in Pipes

Acidic Water / Low pH Acid Neutralizing Filter
Black Stains on Clothing, Toilets and Fixtures Manganese PurHome FTP
Brown Stains or Dinginess of Clothes Iron PurHome FTP
Hard Water such as Dinginess of Clothes, Soap Scum, Lack of Sudsing, Hot Water Wearing out Prematurely Hardness Softener or Salt-Free Conditioner