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5 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Tap Water

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  Water is an essential need to help hydrate our bodies, both inside and out, with the important fluids that keep are bodies functioning properly. Without the required 8 glasses of water needed per day, our bodies tend to become less healthy in many ways. If you are concerned about the amount of water you […]

PuriTeam – Do You Have Well Water?

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PuriTeam knows that many of their Customers are drinking well water.  Is that well water safe to drink?  What minerals are in the ground?   They have filtration systems that can help remove those nasty tasting minerals that give you that bad taste in your mouth after drinking it.   Whole House Water Filters and More They […]

We’re Giving Away a Free Water Filter on Facebook!

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  Hi PuriTeam Customers and Friends, We’ve just hit 100 fans on our Facebook page!  We’re excited to have YOU join us on Facebook.  Just “like” us and you’ll be automatically entered to win a brand new Parent-Tested Parent Approved Countertop Water Filter. To enter, just visit our page here and become a fan by clicking the “like” button.  The contest […]

The Most Common Illnesses Associated with Impure Water

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Without water, life cannot be sustained.  Yet, many people view water as a source of danger.  In ancient cultures, water was a dark and mysterious abyss. Just a few centuries ago, wives watched to see if their husband would return from voyages at sea. Today, water poses different sorts of dangers. Contaminated water supplies cause many illnesses throughout […]

Why Buy from PuriTeam?

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Our goal at PuriTeam is to help you select the right filter for YOU and your needs. One size does not fit all when it comes to filtration.  We work with you to make sure you purchase the correct water filter system for your situation. We have a no-pressure approach to sales. If you feel […]

Introducing a guest blogger! Sharon Dyer tells us “Why is Clean Water so Important?”

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  Why is Clean Water so Important? Water is the source of all life. There’s not a living thing on this planet that doesn’t need water in some way, shape or form. From plants to animals to insects, everything depends on water. Not only that, but the amount of clean water is limited, making it […]

About PuriTeam Home Water Filters

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My name is Maria Williams and I am the President of   As the mom of two wonderful and active boys, I am proud to offer water and air filtration products that will improve your quality of life. Our goal at PuriTeam is to help you select the right home water filters for YOU and […]

PuriTeam Water Filters

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Whole House Water Filters and More We are the leading provider of whole house water filtration systems today. With PuriTeam, you get expert information whether you have well water or city water. When you buy water filters from us, you get the most effective filtration, the best quality media, superior components, and personal technical assistance […]

Arsenic in drinking water turns stem cells cancerous

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In recent environmental news, we learn that exposure to arsenic can turn normal human stem cells into cancer stem cells and spur tumor growth, this from research at the National Institutes of Health. “Normal stem cells are essential to normal tissue regeneration, and to the stability of organisms and processes. But cancer stem cells are thought […]

Bottled water fighting back against tap water advocates

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Today’s latest news on bottled water suggests that the multibillion-dollar industry is about to wage a PR war in support for its product. They argue, “Every bottle of water drunk is actually a sugary liquid avoided.”  Industry heads see bottled water over soda as a healthier choice.  This conveniently ignores the fact that it is primarily […]

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