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Race on to find Gulf Coast dolphin killers

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GULFPORT, Mississippi (CNN) — Someone has turned a crucial dolphin birthing area off the U.S. Gulf Coast into a killing…

Do You Have an Allergy to Chlorine

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Woman scraching her self

Are you allergic to chlorine?   Do you have itchy, watery eyes? A stuffy nose along with coughing? Do you develop a rash or redness or a burning itchy feeling on your skin? Or do you just have very dry skin? Have you noticed this happens more intensely after a shower? You might have an […]

Greenland’s melting ice reveals hidden treasures

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Islanders divided as rising temperatures lead to the discovery of vast deposits of minerals and gems.

Millions Still Needed for Cleaner Tap Water

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According to Anti Tooming, a water specialist at the Ministry of the Environment, it will still take another 100 million euros to restore water pipes in Estonia, a process that should be completed in a couple of years. Tap water in Estonia has generally scored fair in evaluations by health specialists, reported ERR radio. A major problem continues to be the high iron content in water. However, it poses no risk to human health, according to the Health Boards Küllike Birk. Detectable in water by

Are You Scared Of Your Tap Water?

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Blooming algae at some Marin reservoirs has given tap water for Ross Valley residents an funky taste and sparked some dialogue on Patch and our Facebook page about drinking water from the faucet. In the last few days, many in Marin have recently noticed their tap water tastes differnet. While the blooming algae taste from the Nicasio Reservoir has been noticeable in Ross Valley and San Rafael, North Marin Water District officials are handling a bloom at Stafford Lake, according to a story in

You’ll Drink More Water If It Tastes Better!

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  Are you getting enough H20?  When it’s very hot out, or you’ve been exercising and sweating you need to up your water intake.  So how much do you need? From Healthy Living:  The Institute of Medicine recommends women get 91 ounces of total water (men need a bit more: 125 ounces), which is about three […]

Study links chemical to vision woes

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Cape Codders who were exposed during childhood to a chemical solvent in their drinking water have an increased likelihood of vision problems, according to Boston University researchers.
The study, which was published Wednesday in the journal Environme…

Most ice factories using polluted water

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PESHAWAR, July 13: By and large, ice sold in the provincial capital is unfit for human consumption as the local administration has found eight of the 10 ice factories using contaminated water, according to officials.
The officials blamed production of…

Class action suit blasts hand soap as ineffective, dangerous

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CONCORD — The Colgate-Palmolive company misled consumers by falsely claiming its Softsoap Antibacterial products are more effective at killing germs than ordinary soap, while failing to tell users an active ingredient could create antibiotic-resistant bacteria and may cause cancer when mixed with chlorine in tap water, according to a class action suit assigned to a U.S. District Court of New Hampshire judge.

Keep Cool This Summer With Our Watermelon Slushie Recipe

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watermelon slushie

  Total time: 6 min     Prep time: 3 min Ingredients: 6 ice cubes (use filtered water) 2 cups cubed watermelon, seedless 1 teaspoon organic honey (optional) Directions:  Place your ice cubes into a blender.  Cover and pulse until crushed.  Then, add the cubed watermelon and blend for one minute, or until desire slushie consistency […]

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