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You’ll Drink More Water If It Tastes Better!

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  Are you getting enough H20?  When it’s very hot out, or you’ve been exercising and sweating you need to up your water intake.  So how much do you need? From Healthy Living:  The Institute of Medicine recommends women get 91 ounces of total water (men need a bit more: 125 ounces), which is about three […]

Study links chemical to vision woes

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Cape Codders who were exposed during childhood to a chemical solvent in their drinking water have an increased likelihood of vision problems, according to Boston University researchers.
The study, which was published Wednesday in the journal Environme…

Most ice factories using polluted water

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PESHAWAR, July 13: By and large, ice sold in the provincial capital is unfit for human consumption as the local administration has found eight of the 10 ice factories using contaminated water, according to officials.
The officials blamed production of…

Class action suit blasts hand soap as ineffective, dangerous

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CONCORD — The Colgate-Palmolive company misled consumers by falsely claiming its Softsoap Antibacterial products are more effective at killing germs than ordinary soap, while failing to tell users an active ingredient could create antibiotic-resistant bacteria and may cause cancer when mixed with chlorine in tap water, according to a class action suit assigned to a U.S. District Court of New Hampshire judge.

Keep Cool This Summer With Our Watermelon Slushie Recipe

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watermelon slushie

  Total time: 6 min     Prep time: 3 min Ingredients: 6 ice cubes (use filtered water) 2 cups cubed watermelon, seedless 1 teaspoon organic honey (optional) Directions:  Place your ice cubes into a blender.  Cover and pulse until crushed.  Then, add the cubed watermelon and blend for one minute, or until desire slushie consistency […]

Is your well water clean?

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Homeowners might be surprised at the dangers lurking in their drinking water.

With pots, renters can extend their green thumbs

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They include a container measuring a little over 2 feet long and 1 foot wide, an aerated screen, which separates the soil from the water, and a water filter tube, used to self-water the vegetables from a reservoir at the bottom of the container.

5 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Tap Water

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  Water is an essential need to help hydrate our bodies, both inside and out, with the important fluids that keep are bodies functioning properly. Without the required 8 glasses of water needed per day, our bodies tend to become less healthy in many ways. If you are concerned about the amount of water you […]

Herbal Sun Tea: Perfect For Summer!

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Now that summer has arrived quench your thirst with some delicious tea, without heating up your kitchen. Make sure you use a glass mason jar, or other glass container to make your sun tea.  Plastics can leach harmful chemicals into your drink.  Also use filtered water free of any contaminants for the best taste and […]

Why you need to ditch bottled water

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bottled water

Harmful chemicals in plastics The use of BPA in plastic has been a hot topic in the news recently.  BPA stands for bisphenol A.  It is a chemical that can leak into food and drinks through the use of food container coatings and plastics.  The Breast Cancer Fund has been working to help ban BPA […]

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