Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What is the difference between a Salt-free Water Softener and traditional Water Softener?

Many Consumers are confused about the difference between a salt based water softener (traditional water softener) and a salt–free water softener/conditioner. The most important thing to know is that you cannot remove minerals without replacing them with something. A traditional water softener removes minerals completely and requires a regenerate like sodium or potassium. All of the salt-free softeners/conditioners on the market today do not remove the minerals.

Salt-free water softeners/conditioners change the properties of the minerals rendering them harmless to your pipes appliances. Salt-free softeners work behind the scenes de-scaling existing scale and preventing future build-up. You will still see some spots on dishes and a white residue from time to time however it is easily wiped off.

Knowing which method to choose is simply up to you and asking yourself which category you fall under will help you decide:

Traditional Water Softener Category

• I want the minerals completely removed from my water
• I don’t mind adding salt to the brine tank every two months on average
• I want slippery soft water and a lot of soap suds
• I don’t mind using electricity to power the valve
• I have extra water to spare for the backwash process
Salt-free Water Softener/Conditioner Category
• I want to keep the healthy minerals in the water
• I want to protect my pipes and appliances from damage
• I don’t like the feel of slippery water
• I want a maintenance-free system
• I don’t mind a few spots on dishes
• I don’t want to waste electricity
• I don’t want to waste water

Once you have chosen a category that fits you best look for products that combine treatment and softening. We have several systems designed to address multiple issues in one system saving you money.