Wednesday, September 20, 2017

PuriTeam Upholds Safe Filtered Drinking Water

Many ongoing studies continue to establish that the most beneficial and healthful drinking water is that which is properly filtered. Statistics continue to prove that filtered water successfully removes potentially dangerous chemicals that can be linked to cancer causes. Exposure to various toxic chemicals in the water supply can lead to the occurrence of other serious ailments.

The municipal systems meet regulations by using additives, such as chlorine and fluoride, to neutralize and eliminate harmful substances. However, a particularly hazardous element, Lead, cannot be regulated by municipalities and can slip through into the community supply. Water is the most essential substance for the survival of all life forms, so its purification should be given top priority.

PuriTeam Water Filters

Enjoy Your Water with a PuriTeam Water Filter

Maria Williams, CEO of PuriTeam, emphasizes this well, “Water is a fundamental and precious resource – and unfortunately, our water quality is only getting worse. It is my belief that you must protect yourself and your family by taking your water’s quality into your own hands. While the government and municipalities have good intentions to provide safe and clean water for all, their enforcement of the laws falls short”. PuriTeam and other members of the Water Quality Association have stepped up to the plate in proclaiming the critical needs of home water treatment and filtered systems. It has been fundamentally proven that systems such as these decrease susceptibility to certain cancer causing agents, such as carcinogens and endocrines. These agents can interfere with normal bodily functions and upset the operation of many hormonally governed systems within the body.

Taking all this into consideration, PuriTeam strongly recommends the use of a water filtration system for both tap water and well sources. Alternatives, such as purchasing bottled water, may not be as suitable as many believe them to be since these can also store harmful agents. PuriTeam is taking the lead in educating consumers and providing the most advanced technologies in air and house water filters and water treatment systems for both residential and commercial uses worldwide.

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