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5 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Tap Water

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Water is an essential need to help hydrate our bodies, both inside and out, with the important fluids that keep are bodies functioning properly. Without the required 8 glasses of water needed per day, our bodies tend to become less healthy in many ways. If you are concerned about the amount of water you are getting, and you’d like to ensure you have enough needed to maintain overall body health, drinking plenty of tap water is what you need. In case you’re wondering why you should drink tap water, here are 5 reasons why.

Cheaper Than Bottled

Although in recent years, bottled water has been assumed to be healthier than tap water, this is not true. Basically, when you drink bottled water, you are essentially getting the same type of water that comes out of your tap. The difference is bottled water costs more and the bottles themselves can be harmful to the environment.   Additionally, chemicals can leech out of the plastic into your drinking water if the bottle is reused or left in the sun.

It’s Easy

Instead of running to the store to buy bottled water, tap water is always there at your disposal. Why waste time and money going out and purchasing bottled water when you have high quality water running straight out of the faucet in your home?  Better yet, install a water filter to your tap and have perfectly clean, pure water without any contaminants.

High Quality

Despite all of the environmental protection acts, not all of the water you drink out of the tap really is truly healthy for you to drink.  Filtered tap water is very safe to drink. Bottled water companies often like to use scare tactics so that people will purchase their products but the reality is that they are bottling unfiltered tap water. If you are unsure about your tap water, get a free water analysis and make sure it is safe to drink

Save Resources

Bottled water produces a lot of stress on our valuable water supplies and uses a lot of oil to produce the plastics.  Filtered tap water does not. When there is a rush to buy up every available body of water just to sell expensive bottled water, it is depleting our precious watery resource.  It puts a high cost on a resource that you already have at your disposal.   When you choose to drink out of the tap, you will be saying no to the  corporations that want to threaten our remaining water supplies

Less Waste

There is a tremendous amount of waste being used in the production and buying of bottled water. Not only do some unscrupulous bottled water corporations suck important water reservoirs dry just to turn a profit, but the bottles they put the water in contain potentially dangerous chemicals that are not fit for human consumption. If you want to take a greener, more earth friendly approach to drinking water, simply drink filtered tap water.These are 5 ways why you should drink more tap water. Not only does tap water revive your body with the necessary hydration it needs to keep it performing properly, but it also helps you make a stand about often evil practices of bottle water companies. If you want to get your daily requirement of water that is good tasting and refreshing, look no further that the water that flows from your tap.

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